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Midu CountyHometown of Little Running River Scenic Spots: Iron Pillar Temple, Mizhi, Tai Chi Peak, Tiansheng Bridge, Yongzeng Yuhuang Pavilion Gourmet Specialties: Roll Hoof, Sour Pickles, Hongqu Rice, Pea Powder Vermicelli, Fragrant Pear, Taro Ethnic Festivals : Lantern Festival Nanzhao Iron Pillar Temple:Nanzhao Iron Pillar, forged in the Tang Dynasty, is the country's unique relics, named in that of the iron pillar, the temple sitting west, including front, middle and back three yards. Tips: 5km west of the Midu city, direct bus, 5 yuan / person. Mizhi:Oriental serenade "Little Running River" hometown, Mizhi people love to sing and dance from old times. Mizhi has Longma Pool, Shigang Valley, Tai Chi Mountain, Pearl Spring attractions. Tai Chi Peak:Majestic mountains, towering great, 12 streams and 13 peaks, at altitude of 3061 meters, was originally known as "Little Cangshan Mountain". There are a saying "three times round the Zhuanshi Pavilion, live to 99 years old". Tips: The temple fair is on Lunar February 15, 2 yuan / person. Tiansheng Bridge:4km southeast of the county city, formed by two giant stones, is known as the "the first bridge and unparalleled scenery in the world". Lunar February 15 Temple Fair, Tickets: 2 yuan / person. Yongzeng Yuhuang Pavilion:Also known as Twenty Villages Yuhuang Pavilion, located at the foot of the Western Hill in Xinjie Town. Magnificent building, superb techniques, high artistic value, is a provincial cultural relics protection units.
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